Who is jason lewis dating 2016

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Who is jason lewis dating 2016

Anna then gets a text message from Gary reminding her about Izzy's hearing today. He tells Mary that it looks like the ridge tiles are going as well.Phelan comes over and says he and Jason would be happy to help out if he changes his mind.Billy comes along and starts to talk to her about lunch, but Sarah sees a young man walking along in the distance. Fiz is in the Kabin, looking at the greetings cards, when Chesney comes in. Fiz says she can't really remember, and hurries away. Phelan tells him to be careful, there are a lot of scammers out there. Anna and Cathy are in the cafe when Roy comes back in and tells them he's decided that Anna was right, he cannot be held ransom to the whims of his mother, especially when there is nothing wrong with her, so he's decided to stay at home until he's needed for a really urgent matter.She hands the baby over to Billy and rushes after him. They start to talk about Sinead, and how she was worse for wear. Fiz then tries to backtrack, saying that maybe it was more than an hour. Outside, Roy puts on his driving gloves and gets into his car. Pat and Jason are in the Kabin, and Pat tells Norris he's heard that he's thinking of hiring a roofer from outside the area. Norris tells him it takes one to know one, and as they leave he picks up the phone and looks at the business card. Anna goes off home, and Cathy remarks that Roy must have got a fair way there, he left six hours ago. She opens it to find a ring inside, and she's delighted. Billy is in the pub when Todd comes in and sits down with him. Billy says that he couldn't say, even if she had, confidentiality and all that.Todd then tells Jason to calm down, the police may be watching his every move and it won't look good if they find he's been going round threatening people.

He apologises for Jason's behaviour, but can't think why David would have suggested it was him.

"I might go down for a murder I didn't do," shouts Jason, "do you really want that on your conscience?

" Sarah tells him to leave her alone, and hurries away.

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Sinead is sitting at the breakfast table, looking somewhat dejected.

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Anna thinks she's just swinging the lead but Cathy says that he must go. Norris asks what brings him to their area and he tells them that he's doing up an Edwardian summer house in the country and, as many of the houses round there still have the original Edwardian slates on the roofs, he's on the lookout for anyone wanting to sell theirs.