U kraine dating

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U kraine dating

Nice graphic design by Matthew Fass, though liner notes describing the tunes would have been nice.

B [] [Vendor: CDbaby](Zirka, self-published, UPC 0-20193-00052-8, 2008) Zirka is a Candian sextet that plays energetic, folk-rock-tinged dance tunes rooted in Ukrainian traditional music.

B [] [Vendor: Amazon.com](Raya Brass Band, self-published [no number], 2011) Definitely not a polka album, but I think this will appeal to many polka fans anyway.

In case you don't remember, banda ("band") is the northern Mexican musical style that features big brass bands playing dance music which includes a generous helping of polkas.

The Polkaholix sound reminds me a bit of Polkacide or Babylon Circus.

As usual, Wild Wilson discovered this before I did — darn you, Wild Man!

A [Read Steve Terrell's review](Polkaholix, Monopol Records, 940833 (M 5369), 2010) How these guys scammed money out of the German Federal Government to make a polka CD is beyond me, but if government dough results in music this good, we should try it here in the US.

Most of the songs are original and they're top notch, as is the performance, the mix and the packaging.

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