Mango dating

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Nicholas monastery to which the volume was donated, and Makar, the abbot of the monastery.

Po počitnicah so moji možgani še bolj prazni kot prej. I was lucky to spend these unforgettable moments in one of the best Israeli boutique-hotel @markethousehotel Truly designed interiors, excellent service, rich and beautiful breakfast, and of course, location-make it one of the best!After vacations my brain seem to be working even slower.Se pa resnično trudim, da ostajam vsaj približno redna pri objavah!Bomo videli kako bo s tem, ko se nama pridruži še najin mali zakladek. Mlečni riž z mangom in datljevo karamelo me spomne na leto, ko sva obiskala Tjasko.

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The sweetness of sticky rice cooked in the coconut milk combined with creamy date paste is nicely balanced by fresh juicy mango bites.

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