Dog dating uk

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He’s lived apart from wife of 22 years and production designer Eve, who is the mother of his four children, since May.

A further blast detonated close to his face, causing the loss of Mali's front tooth and damage to his right ear.

A dog that got loose during Hurricane Harvey has become a hero after a picture of him carrying a bag of dog food went viral.

German shepherd mix Otis, from Stinton, Texas, got loose during the hurricane on Friday night.

Mali, an eight-year-old Belgian Malinois, will receive the honour for its heroic actions during a covert operation in Kabul in 2012, where it helped flush out the Taliban from a tower.

The attack dog served alongside troops from Britain's Special Boat Service (SBS) in the top-secret seven-and-a-half hour mission.

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The last dog to receive a Dickin Medal was Sasha, who was awarded it posthumously in 2014.