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Completely  christian dating uk

By the 2nd century, hundreds of texts had been written about Jesus and about people who knew him, including 30 gospels purportedly by the disciples themselves.

Obviously, if archaic stories were carried as strictly Judaic they were carried through Abraham, who admittedly comes from a family that worshipped several household gods in the city of Ur, so you can't argue that they were inspired by god to people who worshipped pagan gods.

The Bible has inspired leaders, slaves, peasants, kings, crusaders, officials, wars and individuals across the globe.

It now consists of sixty six books, two thirds of them (39 out of 66 books) make up the Old Testament, with the remaining 27 forming the slender New Testament.

Some portions of the Pentateuch were not written for centuries after his life.

There are repeated passages that describe the same events in different ways, in different orders and with different, contradictory details.

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The Christian community itself knew that most texts were fraudulent and "there were long, protracted and often heated debates in the early church over forged documents".

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